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HOW TO: Build a successful promotion on Social Media

31 May

When you´re planning a Promotion on any Social Media, think carefully. You don´t want to throw away your money, do you?

The first thing you need to do (in order to create a successful promotion)  is a checklist highlighting:

Objective – What results do you want to achieve? Brand Awareness, Sales, Fans/Followers, Traffic… Whatever your final goal is, think carefully, narrow your goals and define one precise objective.

Medium/Media – Chose the right medium it helps you to reach the right audience.  Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare. All of them have different characteristics, chose the one that better fits your goal.

Propagation – What media mix will you use to spread your promotion around? That strongly depends on what your audience is.

Prize – The prize is a critical path to success. It doesn´t have to be expensive but it must fit your audience´s expectations. Consider the value as an aggregate. What does really matter for your costumers? Ask yourself this question and give them what they really care about!

Once your checklist is done you can be creative and think in a cool mechanic for your promotion. When you´re writing down the rules for your promotion keep in mind:

Be simple: Nobody wants to do a pike jump to win a banana peel;

Don´be Restrictive: Your goal is visibility, the more people will chip in the promotion, the best the result!

Unfortunately it doesn´t exist any golden rule to turn your promotion into a case. What you can really do is to plan the right things at the right time and you´ll get good results. If you´re lucky too, your promotion will go virally and you´ll become rich and famous!

Have fun 🙂

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