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Friday Night Magic

23 Aug


Casini Editore






Facebook & Email

Company Description

Casini Editore (website) is a non-conventional Italian publishing house based in Rome (Italy).


Increase the N° of Fan (800 likes) and their interaction on company’s Facebook Page.

Prize Budget

5-15 $

The Idea

Create an action that would engage our fans and make them naturally share the company’s page with all of their friends.

To preserve consistence with company’s business we decided to give a book as prize for winners.

Action Description

We invited all the fans (and the newsletter subscribers) to write on the page the title of the book (picked from the client’s online catalogue) they would like to receive.

Furthermore we invited participants to call all of their friends to vote on the publication, as the most liked one would win the prize. Moreover one of the winner’s friends would have been drawn to win 5€ discount on his next purchase on the Casini’s online store.


In 3 editions (3 days each) we registered 69 entries, 1050 interactions (likes+comments) and we increased the number of fans by 75%.


The Promo has been successful due to prize, mechanic and communication. The easiness for the fans to chip in the promotion was essential to reach the above-mentioned results.

My Role

As Social Media Strategist I have been responsible for the Ideation, the Implementation, the Profanation and the Analysis of the promotion.

A special thank goes to Sara D. (Content, responsible for contents and texts) and to Joe C. (CEO, responsible for all the technical implementations such as dedicated web page and customized tab on the Facebook Page).

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