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“Doural Vintage”

4 Jun


Doural Presentes






Facebook & Twitter

Company Description

Doural is a high-segment Brazilian shop that sells imported Home Stuffs (kitchen furniture, pots, pans, bed set, etc). 


Increase the N° of Fan on their Facebook Page (280 Likes).

Prize Budget


The Idea

Create an action that could entertain fans and push them to share the page with all of their friends.

To achieve this goal I went trough client website to find the perfect prize for the promotion.

I did choose a vintage Coca-Cola glass set as I started to think that the promotion could be somehow connected with Coca-Cola (Strong Brand Value) and with the sixties (Strong Appeal).

Action Description

We published a photo on the Doural Facebook Page and we invited all the fans to comment using a vintage slang. Furthermore we invited participants to call all of their friends to “like” the comment, as the most liked pubblication would win the prize. During the action we planned a massive communication through Facebook and Twitter to gain visibility.


In 5 days we registered 29 entries. The number of fans reached 630 (+125%) and we had a total of more than 400 overall interactions (likes and comments). The average CPA during the action was less than $ 0,02.


The Promo has been successful due to Prize, Mechanic, Design and Communication. The right mix of these factors always helps to build effective marketing actions.

My Role

As Social Media Strategist I have been responsible for the Ideation, the Implementation, the Profanation and the Analysis of the promotion.

A special thank goes to Tamara C. (Content Manager, responsible for contents and texts), Marcelo C. (Art Director, responsible for the design) and Thaisa F. (Account, responsible for the communication with the client).

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