The Twitter Illusion

25 Jan

I love twitter and I love the way it makes me feel

I follow a lot of interesting people who tweet about stuffs I like (photography, football, social media, etc)

This week I’ve been a lot over there and I realized something interesting

Twitter is great to be constantly updated, it’s awesome in turning yourself into a spot in spreading news globally

In any case beside this I couldn’t see a real one-to-one interaction

I mean.. I did retweeted many interesting stuffs, I sent out (consistent) mentions and private messages to following and followers but I never EVER get an answer

What do this mean?

Twitter turn all of us into such a loudspeakers but I think people still use it in a very personal way

Users seems to read what they’re interested, to tweet what they want to and to walk away without caring about any interaction with nobody

It’s a choice obviously. BTW I see a huge unexploited potential behind this  lovely social network and I really hope that people will start to use it in a different way asap

I’ll certainly do



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