Words Cost Money

30 Nov

Words do cost a lot.
When we write something, we want someone to read it. But people like to get straight to the point.
Nobody has time to lose. Time is money. Twitter taught us that 140 characters are (pretty) enough to express ourselves.

Whether you’re trying to tell a story, to report a news or to sell something, weigh your words and don’t waste your readers’ attention.

Let’s do an example. If you pay 0,10 € cpc, every extra word, every useless adjective or adverb, you lose 1 reader. So think about it… are you willing to pay 1€ for 10 words that don’t add any value to your post?

I won’t be.

Here’s a useful exercise you can do to improve your style:

  • Think about your USP (just one thing you’ll focus your post on)
  • Draw a map with all the related topic you’ll touch in your post
  • Write your post on a piece of paper
  • Cut down all the adjectives
  • Shorten the sentences

Invest your time, don’t waste your readers’ one!


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