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23 Aug


Casini Editore






Facebook & Email

Company Description

Casini Editore (website) is a non-conventional Italian publishing house based in Rome (Italy).


Increase the N° of Fan (800 likes) and their interaction on company’s Facebook Page.

Prize Budget

5-15 $

The Idea

Create an action that would engage our fans and make them naturally share the company’s page with all of their friends.

To preserve consistence with company’s business we decided to give a book as prize for winners.

Action Description

We invited all the fans (and the newsletter subscribers) to write on the page the title of the book (picked from the client’s online catalogue) they would like to receive.

Furthermore we invited participants to call all of their friends to vote on the publication, as the most liked one would win the prize. Moreover one of the winner’s friends would have been drawn to win 5€ discount on his next purchase on the Casini’s online store.


In 3 editions (3 days each) we registered 69 entries, 1050 interactions (likes+comments) and we increased the number of fans by 75%.


The Promo has been successful due to prize, mechanic and communication. The easiness for the fans to chip in the promotion was essential to reach the above-mentioned results.

My Role

As Social Media Strategist I have been responsible for the Ideation, the Implementation, the Profanation and the Analysis of the promotion.

A special thank goes to Sara D. (Content, responsible for contents and texts) and to Joe C. (CEO, responsible for all the technical implementations such as dedicated web page and customized tab on the Facebook Page).


How to set the Budget for a Facebook Campaign

7 Jun

Lately I´ve been dealing with an uncommon issue:

one of my clients didn´t know how much S/he would be willing to invest in order to run a paid campaign on Facebook.

I googled my problem several time but I couldn´t find any satisfactory answer. So then I chose to collect as many information as I could and try creating my own formula.

I´m pretty satisfied with my result, so I decided to share it here, in my blog.

The first think you´d to do is to calculate the absolute range for your ADS.

Ex.: If you want to run a paid AD over the Italian territory. Your range is 16.000.000 people.

Once you get the absolute range you can start targeting.

Ex: Target only Man, 18-24, Single, Interested in Football. Your new range is now 8.000.000 people (-50%).

The third step is to define an average CTR that you will use in order to calculate your budget. The average CTR (on Facebook), in my experience (this number may vary a lot, depending on product, market, target, etc.), is between 0,05% and 0,1%. So let´s set an average CTR at 0,075%.

You can now multiply your effective range (8.000.000) people times 0,075. The results (600.000) is the forecast of the clicks you´ll receive by running the AD.

Finally multiply your forecasted range (600.000 in this case) times the CPC that Facebook applies for your target (0,20 Euro in my case). The result (12.000 Euros in our example) is the actual budget you should suggest your client to invest. You can now add a 10% to feel safer and run a test period.

Any suggestion? Feel free to add your feedback, suggestions or offenses here below in the comment box!

Business Card – “Adila Barros”

4 Jun

Business Card Proposal


Adila Barros – ABA Therapist


The idea was to draw a very simple design to focus on the information. Cold colors were used to communicate strength and safeness. The color Blue, the official autism color, was used to outline the client speciality.

Software used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

“Doural Vintage”

4 Jun


Doural Presentes






Facebook & Twitter

Company Description

Doural is a high-segment Brazilian shop that sells imported Home Stuffs (kitchen furniture, pots, pans, bed set, etc). 


Increase the N° of Fan on their Facebook Page (280 Likes).

Prize Budget


The Idea

Create an action that could entertain fans and push them to share the page with all of their friends.

To achieve this goal I went trough client website to find the perfect prize for the promotion.

I did choose a vintage Coca-Cola glass set as I started to think that the promotion could be somehow connected with Coca-Cola (Strong Brand Value) and with the sixties (Strong Appeal).

Action Description

We published a photo on the Doural Facebook Page and we invited all the fans to comment using a vintage slang. Furthermore we invited participants to call all of their friends to “like” the comment, as the most liked pubblication would win the prize. During the action we planned a massive communication through Facebook and Twitter to gain visibility.


In 5 days we registered 29 entries. The number of fans reached 630 (+125%) and we had a total of more than 400 overall interactions (likes and comments). The average CPA during the action was less than $ 0,02.


The Promo has been successful due to Prize, Mechanic, Design and Communication. The right mix of these factors always helps to build effective marketing actions.

My Role

As Social Media Strategist I have been responsible for the Ideation, the Implementation, the Profanation and the Analysis of the promotion.

A special thank goes to Tamara C. (Content Manager, responsible for contents and texts), Marcelo C. (Art Director, responsible for the design) and Thaisa F. (Account, responsible for the communication with the client).

HOW TO: Build a successful promotion on Social Media

31 May

When you´re planning a Promotion on any Social Media, think carefully. You don´t want to throw away your money, do you?

The first thing you need to do (in order to create a successful promotion)  is a checklist highlighting:

Objective – What results do you want to achieve? Brand Awareness, Sales, Fans/Followers, Traffic… Whatever your final goal is, think carefully, narrow your goals and define one precise objective.

Medium/Media – Chose the right medium it helps you to reach the right audience.  Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare. All of them have different characteristics, chose the one that better fits your goal.

Propagation – What media mix will you use to spread your promotion around? That strongly depends on what your audience is.

Prize – The prize is a critical path to success. It doesn´t have to be expensive but it must fit your audience´s expectations. Consider the value as an aggregate. What does really matter for your costumers? Ask yourself this question and give them what they really care about!

Once your checklist is done you can be creative and think in a cool mechanic for your promotion. When you´re writing down the rules for your promotion keep in mind:

Be simple: Nobody wants to do a pike jump to win a banana peel;

Don´be Restrictive: Your goal is visibility, the more people will chip in the promotion, the best the result!

Unfortunately it doesn´t exist any golden rule to turn your promotion into a case. What you can really do is to plan the right things at the right time and you´ll get good results. If you´re lucky too, your promotion will go virally and you´ll become rich and famous!

Have fun 🙂

The Social Media Chain

30 May

That´s gonna be simple.

When you are about to post a (branded) content for your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr keep in mind quality.

Your content represents your product. Are you willing to offer a low-quality product to your costumers? So why should you be willing to offer a poor content to them?

Nobody want to read a poor quality content. If nobody reads, nobody shares. If nobody shares you don´t get visibility. If you don´t get visibility you disappear. Simple as that, is the Social Media Chain.

Now the question is: what does high-quality content means?

There are two way to produce a content that actually has content:

  1. Post a content that can be re-used (and shared around);
  2. Post a content that entertain your Fans/Followers/Reader (and they´ll probably share it around).

Keep it valuable, nobody wants to read your bullshit about how magnificent your product is. You´re asking me to do something (like, retweet, reblog, etc.) so give me some value.

That´s it!

The Twitter Illusion

25 Jan

I love twitter and I love the way it makes me feel

I follow a lot of interesting people who tweet about stuffs I like (photography, football, social media, etc)

This week I’ve been a lot over there and I realized something interesting

Twitter is great to be constantly updated, it’s awesome in turning yourself into a spot in spreading news globally

In any case beside this I couldn’t see a real one-to-one interaction

I mean.. I did retweeted many interesting stuffs, I sent out (consistent) mentions and private messages to following and followers but I never EVER get an answer

What do this mean?

Twitter turn all of us into such a loudspeakers but I think people still use it in a very personal way

Users seems to read what they’re interested, to tweet what they want to and to walk away without caring about any interaction with nobody

It’s a choice obviously. BTW I see a huge unexploited potential behind this  lovely social network and I really hope that people will start to use it in a different way asap

I’ll certainly do


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